open... console image display faster sharper large small
platformSpeed: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
info show clear hide
spacefill wire ball&stick cartoons fancy not flat
color atomno color cpk color structure
isosurface vdw off mep translucent opaque
labels on off echo larger smaller
Enter "!" and a command into the search box and press ENTER or open the applet console to execute a script command.

keyword searches
=caffeine? (RCSB)
=1blu? (RCSB)
=1crn? (RCSB)

this-domain calls
swipe gesture test
EDS map test
2.2MB EDM test
local file reading writing saving(PNGJ)
make a nanotube
minimize drag-minimize !quit
flexible fit
PyMOL session - dna PP 2

estron.cml vasp.xml water.xodydata
thread test
echo/surface test
pause resume
!quit !exit
mo homo SQUARED
load data/1hxw.png (image)
load data/square_planar.spartan
load data/
load data/no2_nbo.log.gz
pmesh "data/sage.pmesh"
load data/caffeine.mol
isosurface "caffeine.jvxl"
load data/1crn.pdb
load =1crn.mmtf
load data/k04041.cif {1 1 1}
load data/cl2o.gamess
(load +) mo homo
mo lumo mesh fill

image x 0.5 x 1.0 x 2.0 off on front mid back

cyclflip2.spt !quit

direct database calls(unless MSIE)
load $caffeine (from NCI)
load =1blu (from RCSB)
load =1d66 (from RCSB)
load =4tra (from RCSB)
load :1983 (PubChem CID)
load :aspirin (PubChem name)
load :smiles:CC/C=C/CC (PubChem SMILES)
load :caffeine (PubChem, with mep)
load $caffeine (NCI, with MMFF94 mep)
load ==HEM (RCSB ligand)